01 - Wii Remote controlling performative situation

Wii Remote controlling text, projections (pre-recorded material) and performative situations.

Control of performance machinery or dynamics by one performer/control; demonstration tool/system based on spatial projection.

Primary beneficiaries:

STX, SKS, Heureka, LPR


The performers’ control system was implemented in a max/msp/jitter programming environment. The Wii Remote signal is directed into the Osculator software via Bluetooth, and further converted into OSC messages. The OSC traffic is again directed into a max/msp/jitter programming environment.

2 Wii Remote controls

2 video projectors, 3000 ANSIlumen

2 MacBookPro computers

Performers controlling video with Wii Remote controls

Wii Remote commands


Previous word

Next word

Repeat word

Repeat word

Speed backward

Speed forward