Combination of video (or other visual material), sensors, and performer-controlled technology.

Multisensory performance spaces (including projections, live video, and changes in lighting and sound), modified and controlled by touch or movement, a movable camera, and 1 control device.

Primary beneficiaries:

STX, SKS, Heureka, LPR

Spaces for implementation / possible applications:

E.g. ships, lobbies, event/performance/demonstration spaces

  1. Video/lecture materials and artistic/gaming content projected into space: pre-recorded and modifiable under user control by wii-mote (whether autonomously by one viewer/visitor/performer, or in a dialogue of two or more)

  2. Modification of content in terms of dynamics, velocity, sequence, or the dialogic communication of persons directly controlling it

  3. Output content of spatial elements (objects, surfaces, screens) controlled by wii-mote user

  4. Performer interaction with surfaces, projections, and space, mediated by sensors and live camera

  5. Layering of performance space: overlap and blending of live feed/pre-recorded/real-time representations and phenomenal 3D space

  6. Temporal adjustment of space by said means: e.g. performances presenting historical material could be spatially generated in the overlap of physical space and real-time visual content

  7. Demonstrating reciprocal effects of different phenomena, by means of physical space, imagery generated by movement therein (e.g. haptic sensors), live-feed video, action and location(s) of performer(s). Visual loops mutually embedding real-time and pre-recorded material.

02 - City story



  1. -2 x videoprojector, 4000 ANSI lumen

  2. -MacBookPro

  3. -Matrox DualHead2Go

  4. -VDMX-software

  5. -Ableton Live

  6. -Wii Remote

  7. -Osculator

  8. -Eowave pressure sensors

  9. -2 x Playstation Eye-cameras

  10. -max/msp/jitter