Combining linear and contingent eventality (light, sound, image) into dramaturgical complexes or compositions, perhaps exhibiting degrees of generativity and self-organisation.

Primary beneficiaries:


Implementation / applications:

  1. E.g. performance spaces, cultural spaces, lobbies / public spaces

  2. Generative installations, performative elements, gaming applications, demonstrations controlled by user/viewer motion

  3. Lighting, sound, and visual content (plus other changes of circumstance) tracking and reactive to performer/user/experiencer motion

  4. (Distal) control of physical, spatial objects and technical mechanisms by means of movement, gestures, and postures

  5. Immersive spaces with cultural, historical, performative, informative, and ludic content. As the Kinect technology and software develop, markerless motion interaction with 3D virtual elements/spaces will be cost-efficient and precise

  6. Provides experiential and/or informative interaction spots to public parts e.g. of cruise ships and exposition/festival venues. Applications can easily incorporate commercial and other content.

  7. Enables diverse generative content as part of user dramaturgy


  1. -Microsoft Kinect control for sound, image, and lighting processes

  2. -Stereo PA

  3. -2 video projectors

  4. -max/msp/jitter

  5. -Madmapper software

06 - Valoa workshop – “Sacral City”