07 - Not Named, the dance piece

Technologically mediated dynamics and relations of movement, speech, and spatial projection. Control of spatial experience and spatial elements (e.g. light, imagery) by speech, and the development of related technologies toward a more autonomous, dynamic, sensitive, and versatile manner of reactivity.

Primary beneficiaries:

LPR, STX, SKS, Lumitools, Turku 2011


-Lingosoft-speech recognition (modified by TAUCHI)

-5 wireless microphones

-Visualisation in the Quartz Composer programming environment

-max/msp/jitter control system for Quartz Composer

-Ableton Live for sound operation

-OSC-protocol to mediate between sound, image, and speech recognition systems

-2 video projectors, 6000 ANSI lumen

Not Named

Concept and direction: Ari Tenhula
Interaction design and visualisation: Teemu Määttänen (T7)
Sound design: Janne Hast (visiting)
Dramaturg: Silja Kejonen

Lighting design: Tomi Suovankoski (visiting)
Costume Design: Company
Programming: Jaakko Hakulinen, TAUCHI

The piece is built on the interaction between the dancers’ movements, fellow performers’ actions and the audience’s associations. It enables the audience’s associations, triggered by the dance and action on stage, to alter its performance dramaturgy. This strategy is employed in an attempt to expose the processes that create meaning during a dance performance but often remain silent. At the same time as the composition of the piece emerges, the performer-spectator feedback loop which is always present in the performance becomes a visible force in the dramaturgy.

This unique performer–spectator interaction is based on Finnish text-to-speech software and is built in collaboration with Centre for Practice as Research in Theatre, Tampere, and TAUCHI (Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction).

TADaC 2011 dancers: Anniina Jääskeläinen, Unna Kitti (The Dark One), Kati Korosuo, Kaisa Pesonen, Eeva Rantala ja Mirva Väänänen

TADaC is the student dance company of the Theatre Academy Helsinki.  The company is made up of young dancers who are finishing their MA studies and professional choreographers. TADaC was designed to facilitate the transition from training to professional practice and it continues to fulfill its mission. TADaC continues to present the upcoming generation of contemporary dancers.