08 - Interactive programme guide

Wii Remote controlling text, projections (pre-recorded material) and performative situations.

Control of performance machinery or dynamics by one performer/control; demonstration tool/system based on spatial projection.

Primary beneficiaries:

Lumitools, Bluegiga, STX, Turku 2011

Implementation / applications:

  1. Verbal control of lighting, sound, and visual materials as part of performances, cultural products, and information desks/applications

  2. Engaging spectators/users/visitors by space and spatial content controlled by sound/speech

  3. Aural content modified by speech synthesis, e.g. as part of an installation collectively generated by the visiting/experiencing public – or as the work itself

  4. Applicable to decorative/informational elements in public and private spaces e.g. on cruise ships, also as an information and advertisement channel with commercial prospects

  5. Enables diverse dramaturgies / structures for user guidance


  1. -Microsoft Kinect sensor

  2. -TV

  3. -TAUCHI software for Kinect, speech recognition, and visualisation