09 - Heureka, Science Theatre Minerva

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Scientific, entertainment, or artistic presentations and demonstrations, combining activities in physical and virtual spaces (concept of action with related technology / development work). Virtual worlds of perception and illustration, generated in interaction with the physical.

Primary beneficiaries:

Heureka, STX, Valoa, LPR, Merima, Panphonics, Musicmakers

Implementation / applications:

  1. Presentations, performances, and demonstrations manifesting relations of physical space and immaterial content in science theatre productions, shows on cruise ships etc. – also as informative and commercial furnishings in the latter’s public and private spaces.


The visual idea of the concept is based on the extant architecture of the Heureka Science Theatre, specifically on the triangular shapes that pervade its dome. In the concept, video projectors cover the Science Theatre in its entirety, from within and also on the exterior.

Inside, an interface to the projected virtual world is provided by a large touch-screen display (utilising e.g. machine vision and projection technology). Through this interface, the performer/demonstrator and participating spectators alike can interact with the whole dome covered in projections.