10 - Projection cube: product demonstration concept

A demonstration concept for three-dimensional products in virtually augmented space.

Primary beneficiaries:

STX, Heureka, LumiTools, LPR, Musicmakers

Implementation / applications:

  1. Demonstration of phenomena, products, and performances – including cultural, scientific, artistic, and informational content – as a spatial element that requires physical participation/interface

  2. The experiential quality of the concept can also be augmented with mobile applications, having their device-specific information interact with the physical/immaterial demonstration

  3. This is an engaging and – with regard to its participatory and attention-grasping qualities – commercially potent spatial element for onboard spaces, festival and exposition venues, and cultural institutions (museums, theatres, concert halls)


  1. -A closed cube, 400 x 400 x 470, containing an installation that can be viewed from each side through a 14 x 400 aperture. The exhibited objects and the cube interior alike are used as projection surfaces.

  2. -The installation’s ”engine room” is situated in a space on top of its ceiling, accommodating all hardware (computers, projectors, sound). Sound and projections alike enter the cube through holes in the ceiling.