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TNT – Theatre & New Technology project coordinates development work for a new international performance concept
3.10.2016 9:43

TNT – Theatre & New Technology: Digital Solution for Performing Arts project organizes a Nordic research workshop Bridging the Gap in the end of October. The workshop´s highlight is on Friday the 28th of October at 2pm Finnish time when a remote performance demonstration between Lillehammer, Stockholm and Tampere is premiered. The audience can follow the demonstration online or live at these locations. After the demonstration the audience is able to participate in a discussion about the project and it is implementation in the future.

Bridging the Gap´s objective is to create in real-time a remote performance simultaneously together with performing arts´ professionals and universities in Tampere, Stockholm, Lillehammer and Reykjavík. The workshop is held on October 26 - 28 as a part of the final seminar of the TNT – Theatre & New Technology network project.

In the workshop, theatre makers in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland create separate parts of the performance, without travelling to another location. The main stage for the experiment is a multicamera studio at the Lillehammer University College. The participants from the University of Tampere will produce motion captured performance data and virtual lightning design that will be transmitted to the main stage in real-time. Riksteatern from Stockholm will produce the virtual set design for the performance. The dramaturgy and directing is handled by the theatre makers that recently graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. All material will be transmitted through a low-latency fibre connection.

The experiment puts into practice the research focusing on the use of new technology in performing arts conducted in the TNT network. During the recent years the Nordic partners have gained knowledge on low-latency fibre connections, motion capture from the performers point of view and writing and directing to new performing environments. In Bridging the Cap workshop these elements come together producing a new performing concept for performing arts.

The TNT – Theatre & New Technology is a Nordic network of expertise consisting of Nordic individual artists, freelancers, educational organizations, theatres, festivals, researchers and other specialists to facilitate and support widely the use of new digital solutions in the performing arts. It capitalizes on the previous Swedish-Finnish collaboration Scen utan gränser/ Scene without borders.

Further information:

Jaakko Lenni-Taattola
+358 50 318 6879 /

Network Coordinator, Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre T7

TNT – Theatre & New Technology: Digital Solutions in Performing Arts

Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre T7 (University of Tampere/ School of Communication, Media and Theatre) Riksteatern (SWE)

Main partners:
Lillehammer University College
Iceland Academy of the Arts

In collaboration with:
Media United
Ålands Musikinsitut
Företagarna på Åland
Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáhter
Teater Får 302
Viljandi Culture Academy

Funded by: Nordic Culture Point and Nordplus Horizontal