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In autumn 2007, the Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre launched a research project that studies different recording possibilities of theatre performances, their digital life cycle, new forms of the theatre in the impact environment of developing technology and the potential of such recordings to develop into new works of art, theatre videos or theatre medium.

Project objectives in brief
  • To study the possibilities of televised theatre today. What will be the expenses of televised theatre and its cultural impact? Televised theatre back!
  • How is theatre represented in different media and how can theatre expand its expression into different media (e.g. video, Internet, etc.) so that it can still be called theatre?
  • How can Finnish theatre producers promote their work to a larger audience, without being involved in soap operas and gossip columns?
The study will use Finnish theatre performances as material, save them into digital format, develop them into 'theatre videos', discuss the cultural impacts of the theatre recording from history up to this day and, above all, envision new evolution and survival possibilities of the theatre.

The research project's management team selects the performances to be studied as well as other project material to be published.

The following recordings/media products will be created of theatre performances:

0. "Making of"
Study of theatre performance reporting together with students of visual journalism and television journalism.

1. Performance recording
The selected performance is recorded using as many cameras as possible without interfering with the performance. The audience will be present. The performance will not be interrupted. The performance will be edited afterwards using the best possible material.

2. Performance video
The selected performance is recorded from selected angles without the audience using the setting of the performance, if possible. The performance is filmed one image at a time. The performance will be edited afterwards using the best possible material.

3. Theatre video
The selected performance is directed and visually designed again for the new media. The theatre performance acts as base material for the new work of art.

The research project produces the following end products:
  • Finnish theatre productions recorded/edited into TV shows (digital television, multimedia, www, etc.). The primary publishing channel is YLE TEEMA.
  • Doctoral dissertations/post-doc research concerning the cultural history of Finnish theatre recordings and their impact on the Finnish theatre field
  • A new form of art: a theatre video or theatre medium
  • An annual project for recording Finnish theatre performances in cooperation with the Tampere Theatre Festival
  • Journalistic study of the representation of the theatre in and for television and newspapers
  • A theatre trailer competition for the Tampere Film Festival
  • An international top seminar in Tampere in 2009, involving national and international television and theatre professionals The research results and plans for the future of digital theatre will also be published here.
In cooperation
  • University of Tampere - Theatre and Drama Research, Media Research, the teaching programme of Visual Journalism and the study programme of Television Journalism.
  • Finnish National Theatre, TTT Theatre Tampere, Tampere Theatre and the Department of Acting at the University of Tampere
  • Department of Film and Television/TaiK, Tampere Film Festival, Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Theatre as a medium - the research project's management team
The research production focuses on the project's management team that selects the theatre performances to be studied and the different forms of resulting recordings/evolutions. The management team discusses the project in question and its theme within the team and together with the artists involved and takes practical action on the basis of the discussions. The management team has decided that all decisions must be created unanimously in meetings.

The project's management team includes:

Mikko Kanninen
Researcher, theatre producer. Master in Theatrical Arts. A researcher in the Department of Acting. EST researcher institute. Lives in Tampere.

Mikko Roiha
Theatre director. Graduated as a film director from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Acting studies in Näty. Lives in Berlin.

Anu Koivunen
Lecturer of media culture at the University of Tampere and lecturer of film and television research and women's studies at the University of Helsinki. Koivunen is a lecturer of film research at the University of Stockholm and was a lecturer of media culture at the University of Tampere from 2006 to 2007. She has written a number of papers on Finnish film history and feministic film theory. Koivunen is currently studying the history of television theatre, emotional cultures of film and television and the construction of popular publicity. Relating to popular publicity, she is, together with Mikko Lehtonen, leading the project "Power of Culture in Producing Common Sense" (POWCULT 2007-2010) in the Power in Finland research programme of the Finnish Academy. She is a member of the Finnish Academy's top unit Finnish Centre of Excellence in Political Thought and Conceptual Change: Politics of Philosophy and Gender (PPhiG) 2006-2011. Koivunen is part of the editorial staff of the National Biography II of the Finnish Literature Society and she is the chairman of the Network for Cultural Studies. She lives in Turku.

Zaida Bergroth
A film director graduated from the School of Motion Picture at the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2004. After graduation, she has worked as a freelance director and scriptwriter. In addition to school projects, she has directed three short films for different production companies (Lasileuka 38 min, Kunnanjohtaja 13 min and Heavy Metal 30 min). She is currently focusing on the preproduction of her first feature film, Skavabölen pojat. She lives in Helsinki.

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Theatre Trailer competition 2008
Unknown Soldier into a television version
Towards Colder (Kohti Kylmempää) recording