University of Tampere
is a European theatre project involving the following:

Théâtre National de Bretagne
Rennes, France
Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
Modena, Italy
Théâtre de la Place
Liège, Belgium
Fundacão Centro Cultural de Belém
Lissabon, Portugal
Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Berlin
Berlin, Germany
Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre
Tampere, Finland

The partners are elite European theatre units that have performed productions of various top directors together and separately.

Over the next five years, the PROSPERO project will produce a total of 16 performances within the three overlapping 'rings' (Major productions, National productions and Productions directed by young people) that will be performed in the participating cities. The majority of the performances will be included in the programme of the Tampere Theatre Festival in 2009-2012.

In addition to performances, the PROSPERO project will produce theatre research and publications, organise research events open for the public and support festival cooperation, mobility between theatre academies and residence activities. A large symposium for European researchers will be organised at the University of Tampere in autumn 2010.

The PROSPERO project will concretise the versatile European identity while creating a network involving theatre producers, fields, festivals and supporters, research institutions and theatre education. The awareness of an individual viewer of the project's objectives and working methods will guide and deepen the viewing experience.

The PROSPERO project has an impact on the everyday operations and contents of theatres, activating national cooperation and cultural exports. The European theatre tradition will be updated as the work progresses. This will also leave a mark on the image of Tampere as a theatre city.

PROSPERO project's management team in Finland:

Yrjö Juhani Renvall, Professor in Theatrical Arts
Cilla Back, Theatre Director
Hanna Suutela, Professor in Theatre and Drama Research

Additional information
Yrjö Juhani Renvall