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Riikka Papusen artikkeli julkaisussa Journal Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance
22.8.2017 11:30

Riikka Papunen: Permission to be looked at: a collaboration between Theatre Siperia and Wärjäämö, the centre for arts and activity for disabled people

The article describes the author’s subjective experience – as an actor-researcher – of being part of the performance Toinen katse. The performance was the first artistic part of her artistic doctoral research conducted for a doctoral degree at the University of Tampere. The article explores carefully two scenes from the performance, in order to describe the perceptions of acting with the other, in this case, with the colleague with learning disabilities. Acting with the colleague with a learning disability turned the acting for the actor-researcher, in the performances of Toinen katse, in a more interactive, dialogical, and other-focused direction.